Surveillance (CCTV)

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) video surveillance can be a simple, economical solution to various security issues in the home, multi-dwelling unit, or business. It can be used to monitor employee and customer theft and work productivity; protect you against accident claims and liabilities; and keep you and your family, employees, or tenants safe. All of these functions depend on proper positioning of cameras, 24-hour monitoring and support, good image quality, and connection to recording devices with sufficient data storage capacity. Pacific Low Voltage provides a range of services to ensure your security system and response teams are reliable and effective so that you can have the confidence to focus on your day-to-day business.

Access Control

Easily manage who is granted access into your facility through access control. Today’s technology eliminates the hassle of you and your personnel carrying and keeping track of keys. By using programmable electronic key fobs and RFID cards you can protect your building and its occupants and make it more convenient for you and your employees or tenants to get to where they need to be within your facility. Pacific Low Voltage can help you set up a system to control entry into parking lots, buildings, and individual rooms and customize even further by setting access levels and schedules.

mechanical latching unit

For multi-family applications, Pacific Low Voltage is partnered with Latch, a smart lock system created specifically to cater to the multi-family dwelling market. Latch allows owners and managers of multi-family properties to have as much control as they want over who enters the premises of their facility, while still allowing tenants flexibility, safety, and efficiency. With cylindrical, mortise, and card-reader-only options, we can custom design your Latch smart lock system so that you can control who is granted access to the facility grounds, common areas, and areas for management only, and you can give your tenants the ability to control who is granted access to their unit. Tenants have the choice to use their Latch key card, unique 7-digit code, traditional key, or smart phone app to gain entry to their unit and common areas (depending on which type of reader is used for common area application), and are able to grant guests access to their unit with a virtual key temporarily or on a time schedule basis with the ability to override assigned access simply by physically engaging the deadbolt. Management is able to keep as close an eye as desired on the property by signing into Latch’s web-based service that shows an impressive range of data for all of their registered Latch locks, including software update status, battery status, and a time log and pictures of access attempts. We believe smart lock technology is the future of multi-family access control and what we have seen from the team at Latch is that they are particularly attentive to the needs of multi-family dwelling owners and work hard to innovate their products accordingly. Pacific Low Voltage designs, installs, and provides services for continued maintenance and support of your Latch system, including physical and web-based components, to keep your multi-family property's access control running smoothly.

Alarm (Intrusion)

Pacific Low Voltage can help you implement an effective intrusion system with an arsenal of motion, door/window open, and glass break detectors that alert our monitoring service when triggered.  

alarm control
alarm systems

Full Integration

Pacific Low Voltage can fully integrate your surveillance, access control, and intrusion systems so that they work together seamlessly, making your security more robust and easier to maintain.

Facial Recognition/Biometrics

Considered potentially the pinnacle of convenient and effective security, the use of facial recognition and biometrics is quickly growing to become the commercial standard of identity authentication. The possibilities for utilizing the data made available from this type of system are seemingly endless. Pacific Low Voltage can design and integrate a facial recognition/biometrics system so you can be on the front end of cutting edge authentication technology.

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