Whether you are looking for a custom projector for a conference room, an interactive display for potential MDU tenants, or an amazing concealable home theater display, we have the design savvy and product partnerships to meet your visual presentation needs.


Enjoy the beauty of clear, balanced sound. Pacific Low Voltage can expertly engineer all of your audio needs including distributed audio, pro audio systems, and background audio systems.



Smart Home and Smart Office technology makes controlling all of your systems’ functions simple. At Pacific Low Voltage we can help you automate all of your systems, including video displays, speakers, lighting control, automated shades, and HVAC, all from a single interface. 

Sound Masking

Pacific Low Voltage provides professional sound masking solutions for any commercial application. Sound masking provides ambient noise in order to allow people in the same room or building to be able to only intelligibly hear conversations and noises in their immediate vicinity. This solution increases employee productivity in call centers and offices by eliminating distractions, as well as providing comfort and protecting private conversations in places such as medical offices, hotels, libraries, offices, banks, and other commercial settings. Sound masking systems must be engineered with fine detail in order to perform well and be as discreet as possible. Pacific Low Voltage has the expertise to create the system you need for your sound masking goals.

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Video Conferencing

Businesses and organizations rely now more than ever on video conferencing technologies. Video meetings are used for everything from team collaboration to one-on-one client sessions to large-scale interactive presentations with participants from around the world. Pacific Low Voltage has the experience and expertise to design and install video conferencing solutions for all of these scenarios, giving you simple operation and reliable performance for your video conferencing needs.

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